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      On June 6th, 1925 another car manufacturer was born which would become one of what was to be known as the Big Three, GM, Ford and Chrysler. It was formed by Walter P. Chrysler who had worked for Willys and Maxwell-Chalmers. He had been hired by both companies to bring them out of troubled times. The production of the Chalmers Automobile was halted in 1923 and in January of 1924 Wlater P. Chrysler launchedthe Chrysler 70 which was a 6 cylinder car designed with better quality with an affordable price.

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1933 Chrysler

1934 Chrysler

1936 Chrysler

1937 Chrysler


      The Dodge Brothers, Horace and John, were originally shareholders in Henry Ford's Company the Ford Motor Company prior to starting their own car manufacturing commpany in 1915. Prior to that the Dodge Bros. manufactured parts for other car manufacturers.

      The high quality of the Dodge Bros. parts led Ransom Eli Olds to them to manufacture many parts for Olds including transmission and engine parts. In 1903 Olds made 30% of all cars manufactured in the USA.

      The Dodge brothers basicly built Ford's Mode T up until Ford had his own plant at River Rouge in 1913. The first Dodge had a 35 horsepower L-Head Engine which was considerably better than Ford's Model T engine although the cost of a Dodge would also be twice as much as a Model T. The Dodge car also had a 12 volt electrical system and an all steel Budd-designed body.

      Unfortunately while attending the New York Auto Show in 1920, Horace contracted pneumonia. John was at his beside and he too contracted pnuemonia and died 10 days later. Horace passed away a few months later.

      This led to the purchase of Dodge by Chrysler in 1925 for an astounding 146 million dollars.

1933 Dodge

1933 Dodge

1937 Dodge

1937 Dodge

Fargo Trucks

      Fargo was originally manufactured by Fargo Motor Car Company from 1913 through to 1922. 1928 saw Chrysler's purchase of Fargo and from this Chrysler created their own line of trucks and later when Chrysler bought Dodge Brothers, Dodge and Fargo became their truck lines.

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