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1936 Terraplane Pickup Photo by Velocity Automotive Journal


      The year was 1909 when it seems a few car companies were getting started. It was time for Hudson to take it's turn at manufacturing an automobile Locating in Detroit Michigan, the Hudson name would last until 1957. Hudson merged with Nash-Kelvinator Corporation to form American Motors in 1954.

      In 1914 Hudsons were made as a lefthand drive. They had many firsts in the industry for instance Dual Brakes, instruments on the Dashboard for Oil Pressure and a Generator Warning Light. They also had the first Balance Crankshaft which helped them to have the Super Six Engine that worked at a higher RPM than normal.

      In July of 1926 their new body plant was ready where they could manufacture the bodies for both the Hudson and the Essex Models.


      The Essex Motor Car got it's start in 1917 as a smaller companion car to the Hudson. Essex was very popular in England. Even though it was started in 1917 there were delays due to the war. It finally did get under production and the first car rolled out as a 1919 model. It came with a 4 cylinder engine, 108 inches wheelbase and could carry 4 to 5 people.

1932 to 1938

      The Terraplane was yet another model of the Hudson Motor Car Company and was first seen in 1932 as the Essex-Terraplane which became just the Terraplane in 1934. Both cars and trucks were manufactured.

      Orville Wright purchased one of the first Essex-Terraplanes and Amelia Erhart helped at introducing the first Essex-Terraplane to the public.

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1937 Hudson

1937 Hudson Running Boards

1930 Hudson

1930 Hudson Running Boards

Hudson Cars

Hudson 112 Pacemaker Car Indianapolis 500

Is it the Same Car? Notice the differences.

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