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      The year was 1899, the place was Warren, Ohio and the event was the start of the Packard Motor Car Company by two brothers, a Mechanical Engineer James Ward Packard and his brother William Dowd Packard. Their first car had a single cylinder engine and looked like a buggy.

      In 1904 they produced a four cylinder speedster made from aluminum. In 1916 they released the Twin Six (V-12) engine into their luxury cars. By the start of World War I the Twin Six was adapted to be used as the Liberty Aircraft Engine one of the most significant wartime contributions.

      Packard would exist until June 25th, 1956, after becoming part of Studebaker. The Packard Studebaker Car Company would continue production in South Bend Indiana until 1958 but June 25th 1956 was considered the last production of the Packard but in saying that the records might not be totally accurate as this was discovered on the internet 1958 Packard in all it's glory.

      Below are some of the runningboards we have produced for the Packard line of automobiles.

Please contact us at kmarneson@live.com for more information on what we can do for you and feel free to browse around our webste to see the work we have done.

1936 Packard

1936 Packard Runningboards

1937 Packard

1938 Packard

1938 Packard Runningboards

1941 Packard

1941 Packard Running Boards

1940 Packard

1940 Packard

1936 Packard Before

1936 Packard Running Boards Before Remanufacture

1936 Packard After

1936 Packard Running Boards After Remanufacture

1950 Packard Sill Plates

1950 Packard Sill Plates

1950 Packard Floor Mats

1950 Packard Floor Mats

      To see a list of the projects to be worked on , in progress and have been completed in the last year or so go to the: Projects Catalogue.

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